Hawaiian Myths and Legends

The creation of Hawai'i has brought an exotic paradise that is habitable to plant, animal and human species.  Hawaiians have always valued and respected nature.  They survived on the islands by living as one with the earth.  Hawaiians believed highly upon myths and legends to explain how they were able to co-exist on the lush valleys and mountainsides of these beautiful islands.  This website will explore different prominent myths and legends that explain Hawaiian culture.  Hawaiians use gods and goddesses, spirits and heiaus or ancient Hawaiian temples to elucidate their traditions and existence.    

Since the colonization of the Hawaiian Islands and the refusal of Hawaiians to speak their language by the colonizers, many cultural traditions have been lost.  Still to this day, when Hawaiians explain their culture to others they use myths and legends.  There are so many myths and legends out there that sometimes it is hard to tell what is the truth and what is not.  I have created this website because I want to know the real myths and legends of Hawai'i; I want other to know the truth as well.